U.S. further relaxes restrictions on Chinese airlines

The Trump administration has further relaxed plans to restrict mainland Chinese airlines’ passenger flights to the United States. Previously, China said it would allow more American airlines’ passenger flights.

U.S. relaxes ban on Chinese airlines

After China said it would allow American airlines to resume some Chinese flights, the Trump administration eased a plan that would ban Chinese airlines from flying to the United States.

China will allow foreign airlines to resume some flights

Facing pressure from the United States, China made rare concessions on Thursday, allowing the United States and other foreign airlines to resume some Chinese routes. Less than 24 hours ago, the Trump administration threatened to ban Chinese flights to the United States.

Trains become an alternative for travellers

The sea freight and air freight price increase and suspension caused by the new epidemic have forced companies to turn to trains one after another. This is boosting China and Europe, one of the core elements of China's “Belt and Road” initiative.

Despite China's economy restarts, exporters are still pessimistic about the prospects

Data released on Thursday showed that although Chinese factories are returning to production, the global economic recession triggered by the new crown epidemic has caused manufacturers to be pessimistic about export demand.

Oil prices fall to a negative causing Chinese investors to suffer heavy losses

Affected by this week's West Texas Intermediate Oil Futures contract price plunge to a negative value, ordinary investors in China and South Korea suffered heavy losses on crude oil derivatives.

China's export restrictions hinder the export of anti-epidemic medical products to the United States

According to corporate accounts and the US diplomatic memorandum, China's new export restrictions have caused masks, test kits, and other much-needed anti-epidemic medical equipment shipped by US companies to the United States.

China's new vaccine policy disrupts U.S. air cargo business

According to people familiar with the situation, China ’s new epidemic prevention and control policy disrupted the operations of FedEx Group and United Parcel Service, upset flight crews, affected cargo transportation, and prompted the two air cargo companies to report to the White House and other U.S. officials A call was made to avoid disruption to the supply chain during the outbreak.

China orders airlines to sharply cut passenger flights to and from the country

The Chinese government said on Thursday that China is further tightening border control measures and ordering airlines to sharply cut international passenger flights from Sunday to curb the high risk of overseas imports of new pneumonia.

Chinese foreign trade companies resume production on track, but face external unfavorable environment

An official from China's Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday that the resumption of work of Chinese foreign trade companies is showing an accelerated recovery, but due to the impact of the new pneumonia epidemic on global production and consumption, Chinese foreign trade companies may experience weak external demand and reduced orders.

China's maritime exports resume, western ports unable to take due to epidemic situation

Two months after the global supply chain oscillated almost completely, the Chinese ports were operating again, and thousands of containers stranded by the outbreak of the new epidemic were being shipped out.

Chinese truck driver trapped in new virus outbreak, eagerly looking forward to returning to the road

China has long relied on its army of 30 million truck drivers to keep its economy running. Today, half of them are not on the road because of the new virus outbreak. This situation is slowing down the delivery of various goods, from agricultural products to automobile parts.

Alstom to acquire Bombardier train business, new train giant rivals CRRC

Alstom said the acquisition of Bombardier's train business subsidiary was worth $ 8.2 billion. This will provide the Canadian industrial giant with much-needed cash while spawning a new train giant focused on the European market, large enough to rival Chinese rivals.

Outbreak causes Chinese shipping to stall

As the new coronavirus epidemic has a more severe impact on industrial production, the volume of freight shipments from China has plummeted, and shipping companies are prepared to withstand the financial shock caused by the decline in traffic.

Research Report: Nobody Back to Work

Airlines suspended from flights to China due to virus outbreak, international aviation industry expected to suffer

On Wednesday, British Airways, Lufthansa and Indonesian Lion Air, part of International Consolidated Airlines Group SA, became the first airlines to suspend flights to and from China in response to the epidemic.

British Airways cancels all flights to mainland China

British Airways said on Wednesday that the cancellation of all flights to mainland China was effective immediately.