Chinese crude oil futures are attracting more interest from international investors

The interest of foreign companies and investors in China's crude oil futures is heating up, which has promoted a project. The Chinese government hopes that the project will increase the attractiveness of the renminbi and shake the dollar’s ​​influence on global commodity pricing.

China relaxes restrictions on business travel to South Korea and Germany, putting pressure on other countries

Following the resumption of limited business travel between China and South Korea earlier this month, two aircraft carrying German executives will fly to China in the next few days, indicating that China is eager to restart the economy and reintegrate into the global economy.

Why is the debt-ridden China Evergrande buying back shares?

This year's situation is not conducive to companies repurchasing stocks. But there are exceptions, that is China Evergrande Group, China's largest real estate developer. The company has repurchased shares several times this month, during which time the stock price has risen 21%.

Chinese companies may be forced to abandon listing in the US

According to legislation passed by the US Senate on Wednesday, Chinese companies may be forced to abandon listing on the US stock exchange.

Trump requires federal retirement funds to avoid investing in Chinese stocks

The US Department of Labor is putting pressure on regulators of the United States' largest 401 (k) plan, the Federal Thrift Savings Program, to cancel a plan that will allow investment in Chinese stocks, arguing that investing in Chinese companies faces risks such as insufficient information disclosure.

Fed cuts interest rates to near zero, launches $ 700 billion bond purchase program

The Federal Reserve lowered its benchmark interest rate to near-zero levels and actively adopted a series of additional measures. The move aims to stabilize the market as a new coronavirus epidemic pushes the US economy into recession.

With the epidemic spreading rapidly, Apple's dependence on China's supply chain is challenged

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus is putting a new test on Apple's dependence on China's supply chain. The supply chain for a range of Apple products has been disrupted, and production prospects are unpredictable.

A shares affected by the new coronavirus, postponed to open on February 3

Under the influence of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced today (27th) that the opening time of the mainland stock market after the Spring Festival will be postponed to February 3. During the SARS period in 2003, A-shares also had precedents for delayed opening.

Stock performance of China Big Names: BNY Mellon China ADR Index Rise to Nearly One and a Half Years

Ali joined hands to set new records in Hong Kong and the United States, with a market value of more than 600 billion US dollars for the first time; Xiaohongshu reportedly sought 400 million to 500 million US dollars in financing with an estimated value of 6 billion US dollars.

ECB Monetary Policy Statement remained more of less the same, Focus Turns to Lagarde's First Show

The European Central Bank maintains the interest rate level unchanged, the monetary policy statement remains unchanged from the previous time, and the euro / dollar has not changed much for the time being. Next, follow the press conference hosted by Lagarde for the first time.

Global trade conflict slows down, Conservatives may win election with overwhelming advantage! Gold staged a "reversal" show, GBP / USD surged more than 3%!

The Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank had opted to keep interest rates unchanged, but the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market to further expand the global trade situation turns for the better, the British Conservatives off the obvious advantages in Europe, the market risk appetite, gold, The yen has plummeted. How should the market outlook be judged?

An analysis on the Swiss and European Central Bank's interest rates

Today in European and American time, the market will mainly face the risk of the Swiss National Bank and the European Central Bank's interest rate decision (the risk of British elections will not affect the market until the Asian morning market on Friday).

[Forecast of the European Central Bank's December interest rate resolution] Lagarde's "first show", the Swiss central bank resolution and the British election vote

Not long after the Fed ’s decision, the European Central Bank ’s December interest rate decision will be ushered in again.

With the UK elections approaching, the safe-haven yen is ready to go, and the pound is not far behind? GBP / JPY trend analysis

After the GBP / JPY refreshed a near 7-month high, the bulls left profit and the price dropped from the high; the British election is approaching, and attention is paid to the breakout direction of the GBP / JPY current trading range.

The US dollar index is weak and irresistible. The Australian dollar / US dollar has fallen for four consecutive weeks. The key support of stabilization will start the next round of uptrend!

AUD / USD is expected to end its four consecutive weeks of decline. The RBA ’s interest rate cuts have gradually shown their effects. However, Australia ’s third quarter GDP implies that the market outlook may still have interest rate cuts. Focus on this region's support, and if the market stabilizes, it can be expected to rise!

[Brexit] Conservative Party's leading edge expands, sterling prospects bullish ahead of UK elections

The latest polls show that the British Conservative Party has a higher support rate than the Labor Party and provides support for the pound. Before the British election, the pound is expected to continue to rise.

US nonfarm payrolls increase by 266,000 in November, unemployment rate drops to 50-year low

The number of non-farm employment in the United States in November was 266,000 , the highest since January . At the same time, the unemployment rate dropped from 3.6% to the lowest level since 3.5% in 1969 , and wage growth also slightly exceeded market expectations.

Risk appetite is stable, European stocks continue to rebound, gold is hindered and declines, OPEC + may increase output reduction to make crude oil strong

n the European session on Thursday, optimistic expectations of trade negotiations and Japan ’s new economic stimulus plan support risk appetite. Risk assets such as European stocks are further recovering previous declines, while safe-haven products such as gold are experiencing downward pressure.

Outlook for the US dollar index: Is history always surprisingly similar? Where will the same index fall after two months?

The non-farm payroll who performed poorly on Wednesday (December 4) dragged the US dollar index down again to 96.98, recording a five-day decline. However, the decline in the US dollar index seems to have just started, and the same two months later The data is starting a new round of decline in the US dollar index. How should the market outlook be judged?

BMW and Great Wall Motor open new electric vehicle plant in China

BMW and Great Wall Motor open a new electric car plant in China, with an annual production of 160,000 cars per year.