U.S. tries to drive Chinese security equipment manufacturer Nuctech out of Europe

According to documents and people familiar with the matter, the United States is targeting Nuctech, China's largest security equipment manufacturer, saying its expanding business in Europe poses a threat to Western security and business.

Global Times editor tweeted that China may retaliate against U.S. actions against Huawei

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, said that if the United States prevents the export of microchips to Huawei, China may retaliate.

FCC hints may revokes the operating licenses of four Chinese telecom operators in the US

The US Federal Communications Commission ordered four Chinese state-owned telecommunications operators to explain why they should not withdraw their permission to operate in the United States, paving the way for possible license revocation.

China Unicom's net profit fell 14% in the first quarter

China Unicom said that despite the increase in revenue, net profit fell by 14% in the first quarter, due to the surge in administrative expenses, which weighed on profits.

US Senate Committee seeks to strengthen oversight of Chinese telecommunications companies

An influential US Senate committee called for stricter supervision of Chinese telecommunications companies operating in the United States. A previous investigation found that the lack of supervision by regulators in this area over the years has posed a national security threat.

China buys U.S. social platform ads to shape anti-epidemic image

According to the analysis of researchers, China has been buying advertisements on US social media sites and adopting online strategies similar to Russian false information propaganda. Obviously, it is trying to create an international image to fight the new epidemic.

Huawei warns U.S. of potential Chinese countermeasures

Xu Zhijun, chairman of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., warned the United States that the Chinese government would take countermeasures if the United States further limits the technology giant's access to suppliers. At the same time, Huawei ’s profit growth last year was the slowest in three years.

Over 90% of Huawei employees have resumed work, but Ren Zhengfei expects this year's performance to be severely affected

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said that after the outbreak of the new coronavirus, most of the company's employees returned to work, but the epidemic may affect the financial performance of the Chinese communications equipment giant this year. He also said that he plans to increase this year's R & D budget by $ 5.8 billion to more than $ 20 billion.

Tim Cook and Apple put their bets on China

Apple's reliance on manufacturing in China has long frustrated employees, and has recently disturbed investors. The new crown virus outbreak is the company's third major setback in years in China.

U.S. considers new measures to restrict China's access to chip technology

According to people familiar with the matter, the Trump administration is considering taking new trade measures against China. By adjusting relevant regulations, it will allow the Commerce Department to require chip companies around the world to obtain US licenses before they can use US equipment to produce chips supplied to Huawei.

With the epidemic spreading rapidly, Apple's dependence on China's supply chain is challenged

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus is putting a new test on Apple's dependence on China's supply chain. The supply chain for a range of Apple products has been disrupted, and production prospects are unpredictable.

U.S. Senate proposes more than $ 1 billion to combat against China's 5G advantage

The proposed Telecommunications Law Using Strategic Alliance will provide at least $ 750 million in funding to companies developing 5G wireless technologies and will set up an additional $ 500 million fund for companies deploying "reliable and secure" equipment worldwide. The draft bill did not mention specific companies, but the promoters said the move would pose a challenge to Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers.

Huawei to participate in India 5G trials

China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi expands market to Kenya

China’s tech giant Xiaomi expanded its presence in Kenya by opening its second retail shop, state media reports.

U.S. Congress orders investigation into legal loopholes in China's use of U.S. satellites

After a Wall Street Journal investigation was published, the US Congress ordered the Department of Commerce to investigate a loophole in federal law. The Chinese government could use this satellite to support its police and military with US-made satellites.

More than 1 billion surveillance cameras installed worldwide by 2021, most in China

A new report from industry research agency IHS Markit shows that as governments and businesses increase investment in secure networks, more than 1 billion surveillance cameras will be installed by 2021, most of which will be in China.

Chinese citizens must scan their faces to register mobile services

Chinese citizens signing up for the new mobile phone service now need facial scans to verify their identity, a move that will further strengthen Chinese government surveillance on the population.

Huawei is ready to help Ukraine develop broadband: Xinhua

China’s largest telecom equipment maker giant Huawei is ready to help the Ukrainian government to build broadband in the country