China approves new vaccine based on advanced gene technology to enter clinical trials

A research institute operated by the Chinese military has been approved to conduct human clinical trials on a new vaccine developed using advanced genetic technology, which is a significant breakthrough for China's rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry.

Trump will hold a press conference about China on Friday

After US President Trump said on Thursday that he would hold a press conference on China, the rally in the US stock market came to an abrupt end, which raised concerns about a new impasse between the world's two largest economies.

Chinese companies may be forced to abandon listing in the US

According to legislation passed by the US Senate on Wednesday, Chinese companies may be forced to abandon listing on the US stock exchange.

China pledges to provide US $2 billion in epidemic assistance

Chinese President Xi Jinping used a World Health Organization summit to fight for global epidemic leadership, pledged to provide $ 2 billion in aid to the epidemic, especially to Africa, and supported the agency in the battle between WHO and the United States.

China's overweight power investment may not be a good thing

As the Chinese economy stumbles into the second quarter, control of local governments is easing. This new round of financing into the power and utilities industries is a concern.

WeChat monitors foreign users to stringent censorship system

A new report from the Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto’s security research group shows that WeChat, is monitoring its international users to strengthen the censorship mechanism used to control users in China.

China established a new bank to undertake part of the business of Baoshang Bank

After nearly a year of hard work to mitigate the risks faced by domestic small banks, China established Mongolian Commercial Bank to undertake the business of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Huishang Bank will undertake the business outside the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

China's possible nuclear tests are causing U.S. concerns

According to a new arms control report to be released by the US State Department, China may be secretly conducting low-explosive nuclear tests, although Beijing insists that China strictly abides by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Fed cuts interest rates to near zero, launches $ 700 billion bond purchase program

The Federal Reserve lowered its benchmark interest rate to near-zero levels and actively adopted a series of additional measures. The move aims to stabilize the market as a new coronavirus epidemic pushes the US economy into recession.

Chinese citizens must scan their faces to register mobile services

Chinese citizens signing up for the new mobile phone service now need facial scans to verify their identity, a move that will further strengthen Chinese government surveillance on the population.

Germany tightens censorship on foreign high-tech investment

Germany plans to do censorship when non-European investors invest in local high-tech companies. The move is widely believed to aim at Chinese investors with a government background.

Ping An and Queensland Investment Corporation launch the first Chinese corporate bond UCITS fund

The first product QIC-Ping An China Corporate Bond Fund, which was jointly operated by Ping An Asset Management of China Ping An 601318 and Australian Asset Management Agency Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), was officially released globally. The fund aims to select Chinese corporate bond investment opportunities for global investors and enjoy the development dividends in the Chinese bond market.

Suning, Tmall became the national comprehensive e-commerce finalist of Kweichow Moutai

According to the announcement of the public service platform for bidding and tendering in Kweichow Province, Tmall and Suning Tesco successfully entered the national comprehensive e-commerce open investment project of Moutai in Kweichow, and the publicity period was September 20-23, 2019.

China’s central bank issued RMB central bank bills in Hong Kong for the fifth time in the year

The People's Bank of China announced on Friday that it will launch the issuance of offshore RMB central bank again, and the offshore RMB rise.

China sets the 1-year LPR to 4.20%, which is 5 basis points lower than the previous value

The second pricing after the reform of the Chinese loan market quotation rate (LPR) pricing mechanism was released on Friday morning, with 4.00% and 4.85% for 1 year and 5 years, respectively. Among them, the 1-year LPR is 0.05 percentage points lower than the previous value. The market has already lowered its expectations for this LPR downgrade.

The attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities has brought shock to Asia, where crude oil is in short supply

The impact of the Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure attack on the weekend may spread throughout Asia. For most of the past year, Asia has increasingly relied on Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports.