Why is the debt-ridden China Evergrande buying back shares?

This year's situation is not conducive to companies repurchasing stocks. But there are exceptions, that is China Evergrande Group, China's largest real estate developer. The company has repurchased shares several times this month, during which time the stock price has risen 21%.

Chinese real estate investment picks up in April

Compared with the first three months of this year, China's residential sales continued to pick up in April. This shows that at the time of the new virus pandemic, the Chinese government is using real estate to boost the downturn economy.

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Chinese property sales stall, but bond investors remain confident

Although the New virus epidemic has dried up home sales in China, international bond investors remain confident in major real estate groups.

China's January new house price growth hits 18-month low

The new pneumonia epidemic hit real estate sales as potential buyers stayed home to prevent infection and some real estate developers closed sales centers across the country.

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Chinese investors lead U.S. commercial property sales

Chinese investors sold tens of billions of dollars in U.S. commercial real estate last year, and other foreign investors began to feel disappointed in the U.S.

With sales stalled during the epidemic, how long can Chinese real estate developers sustain?

As the number of new coronavirus confirmed cases increases, major Chinese real estate companies have closed sales centers in some cities. It remains to be seen how many sudden pauses in economic activity will affect real estate developers, but if economic activity freezes for a long time, it will hit a financing method that has become increasingly important to developers in recent years.

Temasek and Zhixin Capital intend to take majority stake in WeWork's China business

Singapore's state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings and Shanghai-based private equity firm Zhixin Capital had negotiated with WeWork's Chinese subsidiary to acquire a majority stake in WeWork's China business.

China's New Home Price Rise Slows in December

Although some local governments have eased the regulation of the real estate market, the rate of increase in the prices of newly built commercial houses in China last December has slowed.

China Evergrande intends to issue 2 billion in USD bonds

China Evergrande Group will issue no more than US $ 2 billion in U.S. dollar-denominated bonds to seize the opportunity of this year's high-yield real estate bond issuance activity.

Chinese real estate companies flock to issue US dollar bonds at the beginning of the new year

At the beginning of 2020, Chinese real estate companies issued billions of dollars of medium and long-term bonds, seizing the hot market opportunity and reducing the company's heavy dependence on short-term financing.

"China's WeWork" Ucommune prepares for New York IPO

Ucommunex, China ’s largest co-working space operator, has submitted a plan to list on the New York Stock Exchange. This is a preliminary test of investor confidence in flexible office space startups since WeWork parent We Co. canceled its IPO plan.

WeWork competitor Ucommune flies for US IPO, though Citi & Credit Suisse drop over valuation

WeWork China’s competitor Ucommune, filed a confidential prospectus with the US securities regulator in October in a bid to go for IPO, while Citi and Credit Suisse bail out over valuation recently.

China's residential market staged WeWork rental model

In China, many start-ups as apartment operators are seeking to profit from the booming real estate market by changing how apartments are rented. And these apartment operators use a business model similar to US office space startup WeWork.

Chinese state-owned dollar bonds face risk of writedown

China's large state-owned enterprise Tianjin Property Group requires investors to accept a write-down of a large dollar debt. Investors who hold USD bonds issued by other Chinese companies may have more trouble.

How do investors choose when the real estate bond is booming and the property market is cooling down?

Chinese real estate developers have used the opportunity to drop US interest rates this year to issue a large number of US dollar bonds. However, from the current situation of the Chinese real estate market that has passed its heyday, investors should better avoid this market.

China accelerates review of fixed asset investment projects

China's National Development and Reform Commission announced on Monday morning that in September a total of 14 fixed assets investment projects were approved, with a total investment of RMB 177.8 billion, mainly concentrated in the transportation industry. The review of China's fixed asset investment has accelerated.

China's housing price growth slowed in August

According to the calculations conducted by the Wall Street Journal according to the statistics of the Bureau of Statistics, the average house price in 70 cities in China increased by 9.1% year-on-year in August and 0.58% quarter-on-quarter, which was less than the increase in July.