U.S. imposes restrictions on more Chinese media agencies

The Trump administration will impose restrictions on four other Chinese official media agencies as part of a broader conflict around the media between the United States and China that has led to the expulsion of American journalists from China.

The integration of China's film streaming industry is worth looking forward

According to a Reuters report on Tuesday, Tencent intends to become the largest shareholder of its video streaming competitor iQiyi. In the movie streaming industry, despite the increase in subscriptions, it is not easy to achieve profits, so the cooperation between the two major service providers will be of great significance.

Twitter deletes fake accounts of political propaganda allegedly operated by the Chinese government

Twitter said the company deleted about 174,000 accounts from its platform. The social media company had previously determined that these accounts were fake accounts operated by the Chinese government. The purpose was to promote topics such as coronaviruses and democratic protests in Hong Kong.

U.S. considers listing more Chinese media agencies in the U.S. as foreign missions

According to informed sources, the US State Department is considering identifying the second batch of five Chinese official media branches in the United States as foreign missions in the next few days.

Trump will hold a press conference about China on Friday

After US President Trump said on Thursday that he would hold a press conference on China, the rally in the US stock market came to an abrupt end, which raised concerns about a new impasse between the world's two largest economies.

U.S. imposes new visa restrictions on Chinese journalists

The White House plans to substantially tighten the regulations governing Chinese journalists working in the United States.

A joint letter from publishers of three major US newspapers urges China to reconsider decision regarding expeling journalists

The publishers of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post have asked China to reconsider the practice of expelling journalists from these three news agencies during the global coronavirus pandemic in order to avoid "making the world incapable to get the key information you need. "

U.S. caps Chinese government media on US-Chinese employees

U.S. State Department officials announced on Monday that they will impose restrictions on the number of people at four Chinese media companies, demanding that these media reduce the total number of Chinese employees in the United States from 160 to 100 as a tightening of Beijing ’s US news agencies over the years. Restricted countermeasures.

China's online advertising platform will face severe challenges, whether the epidemic is dissipating or not

Although the US online advertising market has formed a duopoly of Google and Facebook, in China, the online advertising market is fragmented and competition is extremely fierce. After the new virus epidemic, Baidu and Weibo will only face bigger problems.

China's publicity of the epidemic has negative effects

To influence public opinion during the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, Beijing has adopted a credible strategy: deploy large-scale publicity campaigns to suppress critical news reports. But some propaganda is counterproductive.

U.S. considers punishing Chinese news agency, retaliates against China for expelling U.S. journalists

The United States is considering retaliation against China for expelling three Wall Street Journal reporters in China, including the possibility of ordering news organizations with a Chinese government background to reduce staff in the United States.

Nintendo’s shares break record as Switch debuts in China

On Dec 10, Nintendo and Tencent launched the Switch consoles in China, leading to a 2.5% shares surge and hitting a 19-month high, by Dec 9 more than 100,000 reservations had been made on e-commerce site.

US to launch Mandarin network to act as an alternative for China’s state media: SCMP

The US government is planning a new Mandarin network in a bid to bolster its global reputation amid US-China tension

Chinese video game developers vigorously explore the Japanese market

Chinese game development companies are entering the Japanese market and have earned praise for the creativity and ease of play they have launched, putting pressure on Japanese smartphone game makers to shrink their product lines and lay off employees.

China refutes Twitter and Facebook’s accusations of false information

The Chinese government has countered the practice of restricting accounts with Twitter Inc. (TWTR) and Facebook Inc. (FB). According to the two companies, these...

Alibaba's new strategy: Helping Oscar films become Chinese box office harvesters

Although the Lebanese film Capernaum was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film of this year's Oscar, the success of the movie gained in the Chinese market still surprises many Hollywood people, by reaching $54 million in China box office.

Huawei: “Temporary General License” does not change the fact that Huawei has been treated unfairly

Huawei opposed the decision from the US Department of Commerce to include another 46 Huawei entities in the entity list.