China will allow foreign airlines to resume some flights

Facing pressure from the United States, China made rare concessions on Thursday, allowing the United States and other foreign airlines to resume some Chinese routes. Less than 24 hours ago, the Trump administration threatened to ban Chinese flights to the United States.

HSBC Holdings supports China in implementing new national security laws in Hong Kong

An executive of HSBC Holdings signed a petition to support China's implementation of security laws against Hong Kong, showing that the bank is on the side of Beijing in the battle surrounding Hong Kong's future.

Shipping industry executives: China cancels shipments of some US agricultural products

According to maritime industry executives, as tensions between China and the United States have intensified as a result of China's handling of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and the new crown epidemic, many Chinese state-owned enterprises have cancelled some shipments from US agricultural exporters.

PBOC said the impact of the epidemic was greater than expected, and plan to increase policy support

The deputy governor of the People's Bank of China said that the impact of the new crown epidemic on China's economy is greater than expected, and the bank will provide more monetary policy support to promote growth and support the job market.

The Chinese economy is worse than it looks

After ending the blockade imposed by the new crown epidemic, China's economy has taken the lead in recovering, which may be one of the reasons why the Chinese government has recently taken a tough stance on diplomacy. But a closer look at China's labor market will reveal some problems in the recovery process.

China does not set economic growth targets may bring shocks to the globe

China is shifting from focusing on achieving specific and rapid economic expansion to focusing on other goals. The global economy may feel the resulting impact, as this shift will weaken China ’s demand for global services, manufactured goods and natural resources.

Chinese travel giant Ctrip is still in trouble

Tourism is one of the first industries to be hit by the new crown epidemic, and it may take the longest time to recover. China's online travel giant Ctrip Group's profit fell sharply in the first quarter, and revenue fell 42% year-on-year. The worse news is that the company expects revenue to fall 67% to 77% in the second quarter.

China relaxes restrictions on business travel to South Korea and Germany, putting pressure on other countries

Following the resumption of limited business travel between China and South Korea earlier this month, two aircraft carrying German executives will fly to China in the next few days, indicating that China is eager to restart the economy and reintegrate into the global economy.

What real harm may China bring to the United States by terminating its special status in Hong Kong?

The United States has determined that Hong Kong no longer has an autonomous status independent of Mainland China, which has a significant impact on Hong Kong ’s exporters and companies, but the greater risk is that the United States may use its dominant position in the global banking system to take further steps in Beijing action.

Trump will hold a press conference about China on Friday

After US President Trump said on Thursday that he would hold a press conference on China, the rally in the US stock market came to an abrupt end, which raised concerns about a new impasse between the world's two largest economies.

NetEase and advance plans for secondary listing in Hong Kong

People familiar with the matter said to The Wall Street Journal that the listing plans of online gaming company NetEase and e-commerce platform operator will be reviewed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Committee on Thursday.

The United States confiscates a Chinese-made power transformer

A large power transformer exported from China to the United States was confiscated by the federal agency and sent to a laboratory. Federal officials did not publicly explain the reason for the confiscation, but experts said that the move may indicate grid safety concerns.

Trump believes China's takeover of Hong Kong will threaten its status as a financial center

White House Press Secretary McNee said on Tuesday that US President Trump was dissatisfied with China ’s efforts to crack down on Hong Kong, adding that he believed that "if China takes over Hong Kong, it will be difficult to see how Hong Kong can maintain its status as a financial center."

China's electric vehicle sales decline, but it is still the government's key support area

Chinese government leaders have been vigorously promoting electric vehicles, hoping to make China a world power in the next generation of transportation. However, domestic consumers' demand for electric vehicles has not met government expectations.

How did Wuhan perform coronavirus testing on more than 9 million people in 10 days?

Wuhan City announced on Monday morning that more than 9 million new coronavirus swab test samples have been collected from the city ’s 11 million residents in the past 10 days, showing that this earliest epidemic center city has re-emerged several confirmed cases earlier this month.

China's pork imports hit record high in April

China’s pork imports reached a record high in April. At a time when domestic pork prices are high, the world ’s largest consumer of pork imports large amounts of pork from overseas.

Economic growth is still crucial for employment and poverty eradication

Although the Chinese government has not set a growth target for 2020, Ning Jizhe, director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, said that economic growth is still crucial for the country to create sufficient jobs and eliminate poverty.

Neither the epidemic nor trade tensions can stop US companies from entering the Chinese market

The relationship between China and the United States is at its lowest point in decades, and the new coronavirus pandemic has disturbed consumers worldwide. But no matter what, American companies and brands are still increasing their investment in China.