Top 5 Business Websites about China to read in 2020

China is recovering from the epidemic, but Alibaba still faces challenges

The epidemic has inhibited the rapid growth of Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd. Even if China has made efforts to better control its own epidemic, Alibaba will continue to face challenges.

PBOC: orderly advancing in digital currency R & D

The People's Bank of China stated that it has advanced the research and development of digital currency in an orderly manner, and basically completed the research and development and testing of digital currency.

Trade war affects China's participation in CES

Affected by the trade war, China ’s lineup at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week will be smaller than in 2019, and the exhibition area is expected to decrease by 5% -6%, thereby reversing the trend of previous years. This once again shows that the two world's largest economies, the United States and China, are parting ways, especially in the technology sector.

China cracks down on Tencent apps over privacy violations

The Chinese government criticized 41 apps, including Tencent’s instant messaging software and Sina’s sports app over transfer coerced personal data.

China publishes the most AI research paper, Stanford University report shows

China published the most AI research papers in 2018, while the papers only have half the impact as the papers published in the US in accordance with the number of citations.

Tencent to sell Switch in China from 10 Dec

This is the first official launch of Nintendo's flagship product in China. China is one of the largest video game markets in the world.

TikTok turns to new markets as U.S. pressure mounts

Tencent's next target: leading the global market

Most of this world's largest gaming companies currently have revenues from China. For Tencent, it may be time to explore overseas markets.

Tencent hopes to expand into the US and EU market with Nintendo's help

The world’s largest video game company, Tencent seeks to create more console games to expand into the US and EU markets with the help of Nintendo.

China starts to work on 6G research

China has officially started researching 6G technology, state media Global Times reports, saying that the country is expected to lead the 6G tech race in the world.

China stocks plummeted, there are reports that the White House is considering limiting Chinese companies to be listed in the US

Chinese companies listed in the US fell sharply last Friday, after reports that the White House is considering restricting Chinese companies from listing in the US.

China says VPN regulations will not affect multinational enterprises

As the 70th anniversary of China is approaching, internet censorship has been tightened.

Chinese government strengthens supervision of technology enterprises

Hangzhou, the eastern science and technology center of China, will send representatives of government affairs to 100 local companies including Alibaba Group. This new indication shows that the Chinese government is increasingly monitoring private companies.

China’s world factory status is difficult to take over

As the China-US tension soars in the trade war, will Vietnam be the big winner? It is increasingly clear that Vietnam......

Web Security is managed by Liaoning Securities Regulatory Bureau

According to informed sources in a financial report, Netcom Securities has been hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau.

Huawei: “Temporary General License” does not change the fact that Huawei has been treated unfairly

Huawei opposed the decision from the US Department of Commerce to include another 46 Huawei entities in the entity list.

The world is concerned about whether US will suspend the ban on Huawei

The Global Times reported that the US Department of Commerce allowed Huawei to continue to purchase some temporary licenses for US products that will expire on the...