Australia formulates a national defense reform plan focusing on balancing China

Australia is undergoing military reforms with a view to building a larger and more powerful military focused on the Indo-Pacific region, and balancing China’s growing influence and military power in the region.

US warns companies with supply chains in China may be involved in human rights violations

The United States warns that companies with suppliers or customers in China may face legal and reputational risks related to human rights violations in China. This is one of the broad measures taken by the Trump administration to restrict business relations with China.

The report finds that China's dominant position in the field of rare earths makes the United States vulnerable

According to a new report by US researchers, China regards its dominant position in the field of strategic rare earth minerals as a bargaining chip against the West, including in trade disputes with the United States.

U.S. tries to drive Chinese security equipment manufacturer Nuctech out of Europe

According to documents and people familiar with the matter, the United States is targeting Nuctech, China's largest security equipment manufacturer, saying its expanding business in Europe poses a threat to Western security and business.

For the first time in 45 years, a fatal conflict has occurred on the Sino-Indian border, killing 20 Indian soldiers

India stated that the conflict between India and China in the disputed border area of ​​the Himalayas resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers. This is the most fierce military confrontation between these two nuclear neighbors in decades.

Chinese travel giant Ctrip is still in trouble

Tourism is one of the first industries to be hit by the new crown epidemic, and it may take the longest time to recover. China's online travel giant Ctrip Group's profit fell sharply in the first quarter, and revenue fell 42% year-on-year. The worse news is that the company expects revenue to fall 67% to 77% in the second quarter.

The United States confiscates a Chinese-made power transformer

A large power transformer exported from China to the United States was confiscated by the federal agency and sent to a laboratory. Federal officials did not publicly explain the reason for the confiscation, but experts said that the move may indicate grid safety concerns.

China's overweight power investment may not be a good thing

As the Chinese economy stumbles into the second quarter, control of local governments is easing. This new round of financing into the power and utilities industries is a concern.

China’s official non-manufacturing PMI recorded the highest in three months

According to data jointly released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China and the Federation of Logistics and Purchasing on Thursday, the official non-manufacturing PMI in April was 53.2, an increase of 0.9 percentage points from the previous month, the highest in three months.

China can no longer dominate the rare earth market

Rare earth minerals require special processing after being mined, and currently this work can only be carried out in China. To eliminate this dependency, the US Department of Defense is funding to help develop the processing facilities at the Mountain Pass mine.

Under the surge in demand, the Chinese medical supplies market is in chaos

In order to obtain ventilators, masks and other protective equipment, foreign governments, hospitals, enterprises and their intermediaries have sent people to China, and China's medical supplies supply chain is becoming increasingly chaotic.

China's possible nuclear tests are causing U.S. concerns

According to a new arms control report to be released by the US State Department, China may be secretly conducting low-explosive nuclear tests, although Beijing insists that China strictly abides by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

The impact of the new epidemic on China’s trade has eased, but the outlook for exports remains bleak

As enterprises resumed production, China ’s import and export decline in March narrowed from the previous two months, but officials and analysts warned that as economic activity in other parts of the world fell sharply under the impact of the epidemic, the world ’s largest exporter The outlook is bleak.

General Motors requires U.S. to reduce import tariffs on ventilator components made in China

GM asked the Trump administration to reduce the import tariffs on Chinese components needed for the company's ventilator manufacturing, saying that these tariffs would make the cost of making much-needed life-saving machines higher.

Hard return of migrant workers cause stagnation in some areas of China's economy

Whether the Chinese economy can quickly return to normal under the new crown virus epidemic will largely depend on how many migrant workers choose between two bad options: stay home without work, or return to the city for 14 days of quarantine After returning to work.

Factory shut down impacts small Chinese enterprises

Chinese small businesses that are just getting better are now facing two new threats: a dangerous new coronavirus is spreading across the country, and Chinese officials have ordered most of the country to suspend work to prevent more people from being infected. If China does not issue resumption orders as soon as possible, the impact on small businesses and the job market may be irreparable.

Alstom to acquire Bombardier train business, new train giant rivals CRRC

Alstom said the acquisition of Bombardier's train business subsidiary was worth $ 8.2 billion. This will provide the Canadian industrial giant with much-needed cash while spawning a new train giant focused on the European market, large enough to rival Chinese rivals.