U.S. communities filed lawsuits demanding China to compensate for the loss due to the new epidemic

In response to China ’s response to the new epidemic, more and more lawsuits have been filed in the US federal courts. Plaintiffs include companies, individuals, and a state government. They seek to hold the Chinese government responsible for the deaths and economic losses caused by the epidemic.

China's export restrictions hinder the export of anti-epidemic medical products to the United States

According to corporate accounts and the US diplomatic memorandum, China's new export restrictions have caused masks, test kits, and other much-needed anti-epidemic medical equipment shipped by US companies to the United States.

China criticizes Trump for suspending funding for WHO

US President Trump ’s decision to suspend funding for the World Health Organization has attracted criticism from China and different reactions from other countries.

Wuhan is open, but the fight against epidemic is far from over yet

There's suspect that Chinese authorities have underreported a large number of infections and deaths in the past few months, especially in Wuhan.

Germany and China reached a new agreement on the supply of anti-epidemic materials

At a time when the global medical device market is tight, Germany and China have reached an agreement that Germany will obtain the large-scale supplies needed to fight the new coronavirus outbreak from China.

US foreign policy experts call for cooperation with China in epidemic prevention

A large number of well-known US foreign policy experts, including former senior White House officials from both parties, called on the Trump administration to work more closely with China to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

If the epidemic does not stop, it will be difficult for China's economy to truly recover

While the new is haunting the US and European economies, the lives of the Chinese are slowly getting back on track, but it is far from simple to recover to the pre-crisis economic level.

China declares global leadership with anti-epidemic assistance

The Chinese government is launching an ambitious operation to elaborate a narrative about the fight against the new epidemic and to shape China into a global savior.

Global virus deaths surpass 30,000, Hubei Wuhan reopens

With more than 30,000 deaths from new coronary pneumonia worldwide, China further eased restrictions that had led to economic stagnation on Sunday.

U.S. new confirmed more cases than China

The United States has replaced China as the country with the largest number of confirmed cases of new virus infection, marking a new stage in the fight against this global pandemic.

US over 60,000 new cases, Spain kills more than China

As of Wednesday, more than 60,000 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the United States, and the number of infections in New York State continues to surge; Spain has more deaths from this disease than China.

China's most effective measures to reverse epidemic situation have not yet been adopted by Western countries

Experts say the blockade is not enough. What really reversed the situation was the more active and systematic quarantine mechanism adopted after February 2, including sending suspected or mild patients to the cabin hospital and temporary isolation points.

No new local confirmed cases in China

Since the beginning of the new virus epidemic, the number of newly confirmed cases in China has cleared for the first time. At the same time, countries around the world have strengthened border restrictions, quarantined immigrants, and expanded restrictions on non-resident entry to respond to this rapid spread.

China becomes new safe harbor from virus

A few weeks ago, many people fled China to escape the new epidemic. Now the situation is just the opposite. People are going to China because they believe that China is the safest place in the world.

China's epidemic war locks in new threats: Foreigners

In recent days, with the slowdown of new confirmed cases in China, China has become increasingly optimistic about the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic situation in China.

New epidemic overshadows China's promise to fulfill U.S. - China trade agreement promises

The spread of the new coronavirus epidemic and related economic uncertainties could undermine the "Phase One" trade agreement that the Trump administration signed with China less than two months ago.

New patients diagnosed outside China tripled in the past week

The worldwide spread of the new coronavirus has reached a new stage. Over the past week, the number of confirmed cases outside China has tripled, northern Italy has been blocked, and the number of confirmed cases in New York has now surpassed that of Washington to become the state with the highest number of cases in the United States.