US Senate passes bill to sanction Chinese officials on Hong Kong issue

The US Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan bill on Thursday that will impose sanctions on Chinese officials who endanger Hong Kong’s limited autonomy, as well as banks and companies with whom they have dealings. The bill will now be signed by the president.

Australia formulates a national defense reform plan focusing on balancing China

Australia is undergoing military reforms with a view to building a larger and more powerful military focused on the Indo-Pacific region, and balancing China’s growing influence and military power in the region.

The United States restricts visas for CCP officials on Hong Kong issues

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that China has decided to impose visa restrictions on US personnel who perform badly on issues involving Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the move was in response to the US announcement last week that it would sanction Chinese officials involved in undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy. This has intensified the tension between China and the United States on the issue of limited autonomy in Hong Kong.

China approves new vaccine based on advanced gene technology to enter clinical trials

A research institute operated by the Chinese military has been approved to conduct human clinical trials on a new vaccine developed using advanced genetic technology, which is a significant breakthrough for China's rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry.

Senate passes bill that will sanction Chinese officials, companies and banks on Hong Kong’s national security laws

The US Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan bill that would impose sanctions on Chinese officials, companies and banks that erode Hong Kong’s autonomy.

When the epidemic rages, can Alibaba's Chinese counterparts seize the opportunity?

Investors are betting that China’s relatively small e-commerce companies are grabbing market share from market leader Alibaba. The question now is whether these e-commerce companies can also achieve profit growth.

U.S. imposes restrictions on more Chinese media agencies

The Trump administration will impose restrictions on four other Chinese official media agencies as part of a broader conflict around the media between the United States and China that has led to the expulsion of American journalists from China.

China tightens Beijing prevention and control

To curb the new round of new epidemic outbreaks in Beijing, Chinese officials cancelled hundreds of flights into and out of Beijing and imposed restrictions on the movement of citizens, and commercial premises and schools were closed again.

For the first time in 45 years, a fatal conflict has occurred on the Sino-Indian border, killing 20 Indian soldiers

India stated that the conflict between India and China in the disputed border area of ​​the Himalayas resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers. This is the most fierce military confrontation between these two nuclear neighbors in decades.

Trump's move against China involves high risks too

The US-China decoupling will cost the United States in some ways, but from the financial perspective, China will obviously lose more. The dollar is still the beating heart of the global financial system, and the control of this dollar funding system is a punishment tool that makes opponents daunting. However, the excessive use of this tool by the US government will bring long-term risks.

Beijing's new epidemic situation raises concerns about virus recurrence

After Beijing announced that nearly 80 newly diagnosed cases were related to a large epidemic wholesale market, the government closed some parts of the capital and began to take strict prevention and control measures.

China launches mega-dollar action to force China-US technology competition

China plans to invest at least US$1.4 trillion in 5G, artificial intelligence, and data centers in the next five years. This plan may lead to a more intense technology competition between the United States and China.

Twitter deletes fake accounts of political propaganda allegedly operated by the Chinese government

Twitter said the company deleted about 174,000 accounts from its platform. The social media company had previously determined that these accounts were fake accounts operated by the Chinese government. The purpose was to promote topics such as coronaviruses and democratic protests in Hong Kong.

New epidemic highlights China's bottom predicament

After the epidemic, the focus of China's economy will be on employment, not growth. The plight of millions of low-income workers in China highlights the gap in China's social security system and also creates political differences.

China's industrial deflation intensified in May

China's May ex-factory prices of industrial products fell the most in more than four years, as the new crown epidemic suppressed global demand for commodities.

Companies in Hong Kong are forced to take side between China and the West

Using Hong Kong as a hub to operate across Europe and Asia has brought profits to many companies. But as China's relations with the West become more tense, this advantage becomes a tearing factor, which is disturbing and unstable.