China launches digital currency pilots in four cities

The People's Bank of China began piloting local digital currencies in four cities, marking a landmark step by a major global central bank on the road to the first electronic payment system.

China will take more aggressive steps to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on the economy

Chinese officials say the government will take more aggressive steps to help the economy hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic and achieve the economic growth targets set by policymakers.

Australian dollar hits 10-year low, investors prepare for the hit by pneumonia

The Australian dollar fell to a more than 10-year low on Monday, reflecting growing concerns that the new coronavirus epidemic will impact the Chinese economy and its demand for Australian exports.

ECB Monetary Policy Statement remained more of less the same, Focus Turns to Lagarde's First Show

The European Central Bank maintains the interest rate level unchanged, the monetary policy statement remains unchanged from the previous time, and the euro / dollar has not changed much for the time being. Next, follow the press conference hosted by Lagarde for the first time.

Global trade conflict slows down, Conservatives may win election with overwhelming advantage! Gold staged a "reversal" show, GBP / USD surged more than 3%!

The Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank had opted to keep interest rates unchanged, but the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market to further expand the global trade situation turns for the better, the British Conservatives off the obvious advantages in Europe, the market risk appetite, gold, The yen has plummeted. How should the market outlook be judged?

An analysis on the Swiss and European Central Bank's interest rates

Today in European and American time, the market will mainly face the risk of the Swiss National Bank and the European Central Bank's interest rate decision (the risk of British elections will not affect the market until the Asian morning market on Friday).

[Forecast of the European Central Bank's December interest rate resolution] Lagarde's "first show", the Swiss central bank resolution and the British election vote

Not long after the Fed ’s decision, the European Central Bank ’s December interest rate decision will be ushered in again.

After the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate decision, the road for AUD / USD and NZD / USD starts rising

After the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate decision, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar have risen sharply. If the resistance line can be broken, the market outlook will start to rise sharply.

CPI hits record high but Australian dollar moves calmly, AUD / USD, AUD / JPY are waiting on the verge of plunge for Fed, UK elections

The Australian dollar calmly faces China ’s CPI data, which has reached an 8-year high, focusing on the heavier risks including the Fed ’s decision and the British election. The Australian dollar / US dollar and the Australian dollar / yen are both on the verge of a sharp decline.

With the UK elections approaching, the safe-haven yen is ready to go, and the pound is not far behind? GBP / JPY trend analysis

After the GBP / JPY refreshed a near 7-month high, the bulls left profit and the price dropped from the high; the British election is approaching, and attention is paid to the breakout direction of the GBP / JPY current trading range.

The US dollar index is weak and irresistible. The Australian dollar / US dollar has fallen for four consecutive weeks. The key support of stabilization will start the next round of uptrend!

AUD / USD is expected to end its four consecutive weeks of decline. The RBA ’s interest rate cuts have gradually shown their effects. However, Australia ’s third quarter GDP implies that the market outlook may still have interest rate cuts. Focus on this region's support, and if the market stabilizes, it can be expected to rise!

[Brexit] Conservative Party's leading edge expands, sterling prospects bullish ahead of UK elections

The latest polls show that the British Conservative Party has a higher support rate than the Labor Party and provides support for the pound. Before the British election, the pound is expected to continue to rise.

US nonfarm payrolls increase by 266,000 in November, unemployment rate drops to 50-year low

The number of non-farm employment in the United States in November was 266,000 , the highest since January . At the same time, the unemployment rate dropped from 3.6% to the lowest level since 3.5% in 1969 , and wage growth also slightly exceeded market expectations.

Risk appetite is stable, European stocks continue to rebound, gold is hindered and declines, OPEC + may increase output reduction to make crude oil strong

n the European session on Thursday, optimistic expectations of trade negotiations and Japan ’s new economic stimulus plan support risk appetite. Risk assets such as European stocks are further recovering previous declines, while safe-haven products such as gold are experiencing downward pressure.

Outlook for the US dollar index: Is history always surprisingly similar? Where will the same index fall after two months?

The non-farm payroll who performed poorly on Wednesday (December 4) dragged the US dollar index down again to 96.98, recording a five-day decline. However, the decline in the US dollar index seems to have just started, and the same two months later The data is starting a new round of decline in the US dollar index. How should the market outlook be judged?

UBS: APAC family offices have the highest investment returns at 6.2%, Hong Kong at 3.5%

What are the investment habits of the ultra-rich in the Asia Pacific region?

China’s central bank issued RMB central bank bills in Hong Kong for the fifth time in the year

The People's Bank of China announced on Friday that it will launch the issuance of offshore RMB central bank again, and the offshore RMB rise.

China sets the 1-year LPR to 4.20%, which is 5 basis points lower than the previous value

The second pricing after the reform of the Chinese loan market quotation rate (LPR) pricing mechanism was released on Friday morning, with 4.00% and 4.85% for 1 year and 5 years, respectively. Among them, the 1-year LPR is 0.05 percentage points lower than the previous value. The market has already lowered its expectations for this LPR downgrade.