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U.S. pharmaceutical company supplies antiviral drugs to China to help curb epidemic

U.S. pharmaceutical companies are shipping antiviral drugs to Chinese health authorities to assess whether these drugs can help curb outbreaks of respiratory virus infection in China.

A shares affected by the new coronavirus, postponed to open on February 3

Under the influence of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced today (27th) that the opening time of the mainland stock market after the Spring Festival will be postponed to February 3. During the SARS period in 2003, A-shares also had precedents for delayed opening.

Temasek and Zhixin Capital intend to take majority stake in WeWork's China business

Singapore's state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings and Shanghai-based private equity firm Zhixin Capital had negotiated with WeWork's Chinese subsidiary to acquire a majority stake in WeWork's China business.

China Evergrande intends to issue 2 billion in USD bonds

China Evergrande Group will issue no more than US $ 2 billion in U.S. dollar-denominated bonds to seize the opportunity of this year's high-yield real estate bond issuance activity.

Stock performance of China Big Names: BNY Mellon China ADR Index Rise to Nearly One and a Half Years

Ali joined hands to set new records in Hong Kong and the United States, with a market value of more than 600 billion US dollars for the first time; Xiaohongshu reportedly sought 400 million to 500 million US dollars in financing with an estimated value of 6 billion US dollars.

Star Market’s stellar IPO performance to extend into 2020, says Deloitte China

China's new Nasdaq-style stock market launched this year, will extend its stellar IPO performance in 2010, with as much as 150 new listings to raise up to RMB160 billion, according to Deloitte China.

China Merchants set to raise $400 billion by REIT listing

China Merchants seeks to raise USD400 billion by real estate investment trust (REIT) listing, which will be the first REIT listing in Hong Kong since 2013.

Chinese investors are swarming to invest in Hong Kong stocks despite market turmoil

In less than six months, investors from mainland China invested nearly $20 billion in the Hong Kong stock market. Although Hong Kong has been in a protracted turmoil, they value the low valuation of Hong Kong stocks.

Tencent hopes to expand into the US and EU market with Nintendo's help

The world’s largest video game company, Tencent seeks to create more console games to expand into the US and EU markets with the help of Nintendo.

Trumps refuses tariff rollback but says trade talks moving along “very nicely”

US President Donald Trump said the trade deal has moved along “very nicely” but slowly, and the US government would only make a deal with China if it worked for the US.

China state firms mull over up to $10 billion in Saudi Aramco’s IPO

Chinese state-owned entities are discussing on a USD 5 billion to 10 billion investment in Saudi Aramco’s initial public offering

JD-backed Chinese auto loan platform flies for IPO in the US

Meili Auto Holdings Limited, a Chinese platform that facilitates financing for used car purchases, filed an initial public offering in the US on Wednesday to raise up to USD 100 billion.