The report finds that China's dominant position in the field of rare earths makes the United States vulnerable

According to a new report by US researchers, China regards its dominant position in the field of strategic rare earth minerals as a bargaining chip against the West, including in trade disputes with the United States.

Oil prices fall to a negative causing Chinese investors to suffer heavy losses

Affected by this week's West Texas Intermediate Oil Futures contract price plunge to a negative value, ordinary investors in China and South Korea suffered heavy losses on crude oil derivatives.

Royal Dutch Shell expects coronavirus outbreak to weaken Chinese demand for LNG

LNG's global sales leader, Royal Dutch Shell Group, said on Thursday that the coronavirus epidemic is cracking down on demand for LNG, prompting the company to re-arrange or find new buyers for goods originally allocated to the Chinese market.

Russia-China Gas Pipeline — How China expands its influence in the Arctic via “Polar Silk Road”?

On Dec 2, China and Russia launched the China-Russia east-route natural gas pipeline, which is a new gas pipeline connecting the two countries and an example of increasing coordination between the two in the Arctic circle.

China scraps tariffs on six US chemical products

On Thursday, China announced to exempt six US chemical products from extra tariffs for a year in a bid to show goodwill after both sides reached an interim trade deal last week.

Oman’s state-owned electricity firm sells $1 billion stake to Chinese buyer

Oman's Electricity Holding Company, also dubbed as Nama Holding, signs a contract with China’s State Grid Corporation (SGCC) to sell a 49% stake in Oman Electricity Transmission Co. on Sunday.

China’s Bankers Petroleum repudiates allegation of dominating the oil market in Albania

Bankers Petroleum occupies 5% of Albania’s GDP

[In-depth]China sets to build the next "Chinese ExxonMobil" by merging national oil companies into one

In March, China announced to form a national oil and pipeline company in the National Development & Reform Commission work report, which was the first public acknowledgment of the massive energy industry reform

China’s largest gas and oil producer discovers a huge gas field in Xinjiang

With an estimated reserve of 115.3 billion cubic meters, the huge gas field marks another onshore gas find of the company.

China vows to reform the coal power sector into a market-oriented one

From Jan. 1, 2020, China will abolish the mechanism of coal-electricity price linkage.

The world’s largest wind power project kicks off in Inner Mongolia

The project is expected to supply green energy for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

U.S. sanctions a number of Chinese companies suspected of illegally transporting Iranian oil

The Trump administration has blacklisted several Chinese companies, including subsidiaries of state-owned giant China Ocean Shipping Group, because they are suspected of violating US sanctions to ship Iranian oil. The US attempt to cut off the final path of Iranian crude oil exports.

The attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities has brought shock to Asia, where crude oil is in short supply

The impact of the Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure attack on the weekend may spread throughout Asia. For most of the past year, Asia has increasingly relied on Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports.

Zurich-based robotic company ABB builds its largest factory in Shanghai, unveiling its dominance in the automation industry in China

ABB’s ambition does not stop by building the largest and most advanced factories in the world......

China releases a white paper on nuclear safety

On Tuesday, China released a white paper to introduce its principles, policies and solutions on nuclear safety and global nuclear safety governance.

Updated regulations brings China's electric vehicle industry into a new stage

Chinese electric-vehicle market is entering a new phase. The largest electric-vehicle manufacturer in China, BYD Co. (1211.HK, BYD Co., Ltd.) that is supported by Warren Buffett, whose performance acts as the most telling sign of the industry unveils the challenges of the electric vehicles market.

China vows retaliation sanction against US companies participating arms sales to Taiwan

China threatened to impose sanctions over US firms involved in the $8 billion plan to sell advanced fighter aircraft to Taiwan and counterattack Washington’s...

China's total electricity consumption growth rate dropped sharply to 2.7% in July

According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission on Friday, the growth rate of electricity consumption in the whole society declined...

British Petroleum and Didi Travel will build an electric vehicle charging network in China

Oil giant BP said on Thursday that it has agreed to form a new joint venture with China's Didi Chuxing Technology Co. to build electric vehicles in China. BP said...