Chinese car sales rebound for the second consecutive month

China's auto sales in May achieved double-digit percentage growth, and the release of suppressed demand and promotional activities prolonged the sales rebound in April.

Peugeot Citroen will move battery production back to France from China

Peugeot Citroen Group said on Tuesday that it will jointly invest about 2 billion euros with energy giant Total Group to relocate battery production from China to a giant factory in France.

China's electric vehicle sales decline, but it is still the government's key support area

Chinese government leaders have been vigorously promoting electric vehicles, hoping to make China a world power in the next generation of transportation. However, domestic consumers' demand for electric vehicles has not met government expectations.

Chinese technology tycoon Jia Yueting clears financing barriers for electric vehicle startups

Chinese technology tycoon Jia Yueting received US court approval to reorganize billions of dollars of debt, clearing financing barriers for his electric car startup Faraday & Future Inc.

Auto companies are witnessing a recovery in the Chinese market

Volkswagen's global sales fell by nearly half in April. However, while the blockades related to the new epidemic in the United States and Europe have curbed demand, the restart of the Chinese economy has revealed signs of demand recovery. This data is the latest and most striking example that reflects the decoupling of the performance of the Chinese market from the Western market.

China's passenger vehicle sales decline slows in April

The China Federation of Trade Unions said on Monday that China's retail sales of passenger cars in April still fell 5.6% year-on-year, but rose 37% from the previous month.

Volkswagen: V-shaped rebound in China's auto market

Volkswagen anticipates that the pace of recovery in major auto markets will vary. The Chinese market is experiencing a typical V-shaped rebound, the recovery rate in Europe is expected to be slower, and the recovery rates in northern and southern Europe are also different.

Chinese electric vehicle battery maker Funeng Technology will conduct IPO

Funeng Technology, which supplies batteries for Daimler and Beijing Brunswick, has obtained regulatory approval from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and will raise RMB 3.44 billion through an initial public offering.

Chinese electric car startup faces double blow from outbreak and cash shortage

China's EV startups was once seen as the backbone of China's leading global revolution in electric vehicles, but the new virus epidemic and the difficulties encountered before the epidemic may make it difficult for dozens of startups to survive.

Nissan and Honda Motor's Chinese market output in February fell 88% and 92% year-on-year respectively

Nissan's global sales in February fell 24% year-on-year, China's market sales fell 80%, and China's market output fell 88% year-on-year. Honda Motor’s Chinese market output in February dropped 92% year-on-year.

China considers measures to stimulate car consumption

China is considering measures to stimulate car sales, and plans to adjust electric vehicle related policies to help the auto industry that has performed poorly during the new epidemic to achieve healthy development.

China's new epidemic eases, Ctrip prepares for recovery

Ctrip said the company saw signs of a resumption of Chinese willingness to travel.

China's car sales plummet 80% in February

China Automobile Industry Association said on Thursday that auto sales in February fell by 79.1% year-on-year, and national sales were only 310,000.

BMW CEO: Epidemic has clearly affected sales in China

BMW Motors Chief Executive Zipzer said on Tuesday that China ’s new crown virus epidemic will have a significant impact on the company’s sales in the Chinese market in the first few months of this year, but the company believes that sales in other parts of the world are not affected.

Fiat Chrysler: Extends or closes a European plant if Chinese plant stops production

Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Mike Manley warned on Thursday that the company could be forced to close a European plant if the outbreak of a coronavirus outbreak in China causes the company's plant in China to close further.

Ford's Chinese subsidiary cancels all business travel plans to Wuhan

After the outbreak of a new coronavirus in Wuhan, Ford Motor Company's Chinese subsidiary cancelled all business trips to Wuhan for precautionary considerations.