China's industrial deflation intensified in May

China's May ex-factory prices of industrial products fell the most in more than four years, as the new crown epidemic suppressed global demand for commodities.

Shipping industry executives: China cancels shipments of some US agricultural products

According to maritime industry executives, as tensions between China and the United States have intensified as a result of China's handling of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and the new crown epidemic, many Chinese state-owned enterprises have cancelled some shipments from US agricultural exporters.

Global market remains stable, investors waiting for Chinese data and US-China relations

While investors weighted on the mixed Chinese economic data and the impact of the renewed tightening of US-China relations, there was little change in global stock markets.

Research Report: The Epic Fall

China's new virus outbreak puts pressure on global commodity trade

China's new coronavirus epidemic disrupted global commodity trade, cracked down on China's huge demand, and challenged global supply lines to meet China's demand.

China’s Foton plans to sell 200,000 new energy commercial vehicles by 2025

China’s Foton, a truck venture partner of Daimler, plans to sell 200,000 new energy commercial vehicles a year by 2025.

China’s largest car manufacturer SAIC wants to triple overseas sales by 2025

China’s biggest carmaker SAIC Motor aims to triple its overseas auto sales into 1 million units by 2025

Tesla unveils first-ever made-in-China Model 3 vehicles

Tesla unveiled its first China-built vehicles.

There is no guarantee for China's blockchain revolution

Chinese President Xi Jinping lifted the blockchain's position in China to a "core" technological breakthrough on Thursday. Blockchain technology company stocks and bitcoin prices should be high. Is this the next major investment opportunity for China's technology industry?

China's pork supply is seriously short of supply, may benefit WH Group

A high fatality rate of piglets has caused a significant drop in the number of Chinese pigs. With China importing a large amount of meat, WH Group, the world's largest pork producer, may benefit.

ABB to acquire Chinese EV charging provider Chargedot

The Zurich-based robotic company bought a major stake in Shanghai-based EV charging provider Chargedot, so as to expand its investment in the e-mobility market.

Volkswagen aims to produce 600,000 electric vehicles in China, overtaking Tesla

Volkswagen plans to build two electric car factories in China next year, with a production capacity of 600,000 cars

Bitcoin price jumps up as Chinese President Xi Jinping endorses blockchain

Bitcoin and related tech stocks surged rapidly and topped USD 10,000 over the weekends after Chinese President Xi Jinping's comment.

[In-depth]China sets to build the next "Chinese ExxonMobil" by merging national oil companies into one

In March, China announced to form a national oil and pipeline company in the National Development & Reform Commission work report, which was the first public acknowledgment of the massive energy industry reform

China promises to buy American agricultural products, but uncertainty still exists

Despite China's commitment to buy more American produce, the question of the size of the purchase, the time frame, and what the US may have to pay back is still there. According to informed sources, Chinese negotiators still said that procurement must be based on actual demand and fair market prices.

China's determination to develop electric vehicles may have hidden agenda

ExxonMobil CEO Woodlon recently attacked the electric car, but his criticism is not without reason. Electric cars are not particularly environmentally friendly, at least in China. While supporters of electric vehicles are thinking about environmental protection, those who have the most power to change the market may have other motives.

Pork prices soared, pushing China's September inflation rate to a six-year high

The soaring pork prices have pushed China's consumer inflation rate to a nearly six-year high in September, which has increased the difficulty for the Chinese government to stimulate economic growth, but it also gives it a strong incentive to buy more American product..

More than 2,500 US companies apply for tariff exemptions for Chinese goods

US companies are continuing to seek tariff exemptions for a wide range of goods imported from China, including frozen fish, furniture, cosmetics and other products, and the tariff rates on these items will rise again on October 15.