Chinese crude oil futures are attracting more interest from international investors

The interest of foreign companies and investors in China's crude oil futures is heating up, which has promoted a project. The Chinese government hopes that the project will increase the attractiveness of the renminbi and shake the dollar’s ​​influence on global commodity pricing.

Australia formulates a national defense reform plan focusing on balancing China

Australia is undergoing military reforms with a view to building a larger and more powerful military focused on the Indo-Pacific region, and balancing China’s growing influence and military power in the region.

The United States restricts visas for CCP officials on Hong Kong issues

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that China has decided to impose visa restrictions on US personnel who perform badly on issues involving Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the move was in response to the US announcement last week that it would sanction Chinese officials involved in undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy. This has intensified the tension between China and the United States on the issue of limited autonomy in Hong Kong.

The report finds that China's dominant position in the field of rare earths makes the United States vulnerable

According to a new report by US researchers, China regards its dominant position in the field of strategic rare earth minerals as a bargaining chip against the West, including in trade disputes with the United States.

China's new epidemic prevention regulations are boycotted by overseas food exporters

To curb the second outbreak of the new epidemic, China is tightening restrictions on food imports, but these measures have been boycotted by government agencies in countries where major food exporters are located.

China suspends import of chicken meat from an outbreak factory at Tyson Foods

Chinese authorities have suspended the export of chicken products from a factory owned by Tyson Foods to China. The reason given by Chinese officials is that someone in the factory was infected with the new coronavirus.

China promises to support African anti-epidemic actions

On Wednesday, at the China-Africa Solidarity Anti-epidemic Special Summit held in the form of a film, Xi Jinping said that China will continue to provide necessary technical and material assistance to fight against the epidemic in Africa.

The integration of China's film streaming industry is worth looking forward

According to a Reuters report on Tuesday, Tencent intends to become the largest shareholder of its video streaming competitor iQiyi. In the movie streaming industry, despite the increase in subscriptions, it is not easy to achieve profits, so the cooperation between the two major service providers will be of great significance.

The EU takes measures to reduce the influence of China and the United States in their economies

The EU's plan to increase its resistance to foreign companies receiving subsidies signifies that the EU has greatly strengthened its efforts to maintain "strategic autonomy" in the face of China and the United States while defending its own economic interests.

Beijing epidemic response level increased to level 2 and a large number of flights were cancelled

Beijing authorities adjusted the city’s public health emergency response level to level two and canceled a large number of flights in and out of Beijing. At the time of this initiative, Beijing was trying to curb the clustered infections associated with the wholesale markets for meat and agricultural products.

For the first time in 45 years, a fatal conflict has occurred on the Sino-Indian border, killing 20 Indian soldiers

India stated that the conflict between India and China in the disputed border area of ​​the Himalayas resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers. This is the most fierce military confrontation between these two nuclear neighbors in decades.

The number of Chinese consumer loan arrears has soared

In January this year, the new crown epidemic began to spread in China. Many people were trapped in their homes for several months. They suffered salary cuts or unemployment, and the number of consumer loan arrears continued to increase. Now, lenders are stepping up recovery of debt owed by these borrowers.

China launches mega-dollar action to force China-US technology competition

China plans to invest at least US$1.4 trillion in 5G, artificial intelligence, and data centers in the next five years. This plan may lead to a more intense technology competition between the United States and China.

Chinese car sales rebound for the second consecutive month

China's auto sales in May achieved double-digit percentage growth, and the release of suppressed demand and promotional activities prolonged the sales rebound in April.

New epidemic highlights China's bottom predicament

After the epidemic, the focus of China's economy will be on employment, not growth. The plight of millions of low-income workers in China highlights the gap in China's social security system and also creates political differences.

Chinese companies are trying to avoid bond defaults

Although the Chinese economy has contracted for the first time in decades, Chinese companies are avoiding bond defaults or minimizing bond defaults by asking bondholders to extend their repayment time, waiving their right to resell bonds in advance or switching to new terms. Long securities.