U.S. considers listing more Chinese media agencies in the U.S. as foreign missions

According to informed sources, the US State Department is considering identifying the second batch of five Chinese official media branches in the United States as foreign missions in the next few days.

US lawmakers propose legislation to prevent China and other countries from taking research results from American universities

The US senator has taken new legislative action, seeking to strengthen the power of federal agencies to supervise and punish schools and scientists, with a view to preventing China and other countries from stealing US taxpayer-funded university research.

China reactivates Shanghai-London Stock Connect, approved China Pacific Insurance to list in London

The China Securities Regulatory Commission has approved China Pacific Insurance's plan to sell global depository receipts in London, which indicates that cooperation between the UK and Shanghai stock markets has restarted.

U.S. approves sale of Grindr, a Chinese dating app that has raised national security concerns

US national security officials approved a deal by an investor group to acquire Grindr, a gay dating app from a Chinese company, after the Trump administration had raised concerns about the possible theft of American personal data.

The United States confiscates a Chinese-made power transformer

A large power transformer exported from China to the United States was confiscated by the federal agency and sent to a laboratory. Federal officials did not publicly explain the reason for the confiscation, but experts said that the move may indicate grid safety concerns.

Peugeot Citroen will move battery production back to France from China

Peugeot Citroen Group said on Tuesday that it will jointly invest about 2 billion euros with energy giant Total Group to relocate battery production from China to a giant factory in France.

China's electric vehicle sales decline, but it is still the government's key support area

Chinese government leaders have been vigorously promoting electric vehicles, hoping to make China a world power in the next generation of transportation. However, domestic consumers' demand for electric vehicles has not met government expectations.

China's pork imports hit record high in April

China’s pork imports reached a record high in April. At a time when domestic pork prices are high, the world ’s largest consumer of pork imports large amounts of pork from overseas.

Yi Gang: Increasing monetary policy innovation to improve the efficiency of financial support

In an interview with the Central Bank's Financial Times recently, Yi Gang, governor of the People's Bank of China, said that he will increase monetary policy innovation, improve the targetedness and precision of financial support, and help companies, especially small and micro enterprises, recover from the epidemic.

Why did China give up setting GDP growth targets?

Last Friday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced that there is no GDP target for this year, which is equivalent to admitting, and also reminding people of the severity of the challenges facing the Chinese economy.

Chinese technology tycoon Jia Yueting clears financing barriers for electric vehicle startups

Chinese technology tycoon Jia Yueting received US court approval to reorganize billions of dollars of debt, clearing financing barriers for his electric car startup Faraday & Future Inc.

China plans to implement a new national security legal system in Hong Kong

As Beijing seeks to quell Hong Kong's extensive pro-democracy demonstrations, China has hinted that it will implement a new national security legal system in Hong Kong, which is a blow to Hong Kong's autonomy.

President Xi Jinping is trying to show unity and revive the economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping is working hard to reinvigorate the severely damaged domestic economy, while trying to shape the image of the unity of the Chinese Communist Party and suppress the dissent on its authority.

The US sanctions a Chinese logistics company, accusing it of being associated with Iranian Mahan Air

The United States imposed sanctions on the Chinese logistics company Shanghai Saint Logistics, saying it was a blacklisted agent for Mahan Air.

Chinese fitness app Keep recently raised $ 80 million

Keep, one of China's most popular fitness apps, raised US $ 80 million in a new round of financing, and some existing shareholders, including Tencent Holdings Limited, also participated in the investment.

Auto companies are witnessing a recovery in the Chinese market

Volkswagen's global sales fell by nearly half in April. However, while the blockades related to the new epidemic in the United States and Europe have curbed demand, the restart of the Chinese economy has revealed signs of demand recovery. This data is the latest and most striking example that reflects the decoupling of the performance of the Chinese market from the Western market.

China has required laboratories to destroy samples of new coronavirus to prevent biosecurity risks

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo accused Beijing of requesting Chinese laboratories to destroy coronavirus samples in early January. A senior Chinese official ’s remarks seem to confirm this, but the official ’s condemnation of Pompeo’s claims is purely out of context and intentionally confused Audiovisual. Josh Chin