While the Beijing epidemic returns, most parts of China are back on track

In Beijing, the capital of China , the blockade measures were implemented again due to the discovery of new clusters of new coronavirus infections . The school is closed, and residents cannot leave Beijing without a recent negative nucleic acid test.

At the same time, in another Chinese metropolis, Shanghai, life has basically returned to normal: restaurants are full of seats. Although masks are still common, many people no longer wear masks. With a few exceptions, people’s concerns about the epidemic seem to have become distant Memory.

This comparison underscores how thorough the overall recovery has been in most parts of China after the new epidemic was hit earlier this year, and how vigilant the government is about the resurgence of the epidemic.

Experts around the world have warned that after the epidemic, the lives of ordinary people will no longer be the same, restaurants, offices and public transportation will change forever because of social alienation concerns. But Shanghai and other cities in China that have recovered and successfully avoided the second wave of epidemics suggest that this may not be the case.