China pledges to provide US $2 billion in epidemic assistance

Chinese President Xi Jinping used a summit of the World Health Organization (WHO) to fight for global leadership in the fight against epidemics, pledged to provide US $ 2 billion in epidemic assistance, especially to Africa, and in the battle between WHO and the United States Support the agency. The new coronavirus outbreak first broke out in China.

Xi Jinping praised the UN organization at the World Health Assembly and said that other governments should increase their investment. The annual World Health Assembly is the most important summit of the World Health Organization. Last month, the United States, the world ’s largest donor, said it would suspend funding for the World Health Organization because of concerns that it would only listen to the superficial articles made in China ’s early report.

American allies, including French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, connected to the conference via video connection. Throughout the afternoon of Monday, they complained about the lack of international leaders, and for those who did not support WHO Of countries have made sharp criticisms, but none have directly named the United States.