US lawmakers propose legislation to prevent China and other countries from taking research results from American universities

US lawmakers have taken new legislative action, seeking to strengthen the power of federal agencies to supervise and punish schools and scientists in order to prevent China and other countries from stealing US taxpayer-funded university research.

Senator Rob Portman of the Ohio Republican Party and Senator Tom Carper of the Delaware Democratic Party plan to introduce the bill on Thursday. Earlier, the White House and relevant US agencies issued a warning again, saying that Beijing tried to use American universities to enhance China's military and technological competitiveness.

The bill does not mention the names of any foreign governments, but uses the term "malicious state actors." This measure is in response to the findings of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. The survey found that Beijing has used generously funded recruitment programs to attract scientists with knowledge expertise to China, and many American universities have not reported foreign gifts in accordance with the law. The two senators mentioned above are responsible for leading the Senate committee.

Portman said: "A lot of people are accusing China and saying that China should change." He said: "I'm not sure if this will happen, but I know we can do something ourselves and rectify internal affairs."