China has required laboratories to destroy samples of new coronavirus to prevent biosecurity risks

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Beijing of requesting Chinese laboratories to destroy coronavirus samples in early January. The remarks of a senior Chinese official seem to confirm this, but the official condemned Pompeo ’s claims as out of context, intentionally confusing outsiders.

At a press conference on May 6, Pompeo accused China of covering up the facts when a coronavirus outbreak occurred in Wuhan, saying that China's National Health Commission (abbreviation: National Health and Health Commission) had ordered the destruction of virus samples on January 3.

When a reporter asked these statements at a news conference in Beijing last Friday, Liu Dengfeng, the ombudsman of the Science and Education Department of the State Health and Health Commission, said that China had issued relevant documents at the time, and the main purpose was to prevent the risk of laboratory biosecurity It also plays an important role in preventing biosecurity risks.

Liu Dengfeng said: "If the laboratory conditions do not meet the requirements for safe storage of samples, the samples should be destroyed on site or transferred to a professional institution for storage."