China discloses key authority to enforce Hong Kong version of national security law

Beijing plans to give itself the key power to enforce national security laws in Hong Kong. The draft law will allow the central government to oversee the governance of subversive activities in this protest-prone city, and in some cases can directly intervene.

Chinese state media disclosed details of the proposed national security law against Hong Kong on Saturday . Opposition organizations and foreign governments, including the United States, criticized the law as a serious breach of Beijing’s promised autonomy to Hong Kong. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress reviewed the draft security law for the first time at a three-day meeting in Beijing. The meeting closed last Saturday but did not vote on the bill.

According to the summary of the draft National Security Law issued by the official media Xinhua News Agency, the Central People's Government will establish the National Security Agency in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The duties of the National Security Agency in Hong Kong are: to analyze and judge the situation of safeguarding the national security of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; to collect and analyze national security intelligence information; to supervise, guide, coordinate and support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to perform its duties of maintaining national security; to handle crimes against national security according to law .